Masterpiece Europe

The European association of traditional tailoring professionals

Masterpiece Europe is a European Association of traditional tailoring professionals.

It is a non-profit, membership organisation that aims to connect, support and represent the traditional tailoring professionals from across the European Economic Area.

The traditional tailoring professionals are the bearers of a unique heritage. They have the skills to make an item of clothing from scratch, according to the individual measurements of a single customer and fully customise it to her or his requirements. They are the roots and the origins of the clothing industry.

Masterpiece Europe has been set up to help preserve this extraordinary tradition, and to support the professionals, who, regardless of the modern challenges to the trade, continue creating unique, high quality, premium bespoke suits and other clothing.

Master Tailor, Wetteren – Belgium

Fernand Schamp

“Dear Colleagues,
As a professional Master Tailor, with 55 years of experience, I am proud to present Masterpiece Europe, the European Association of Traditional Professionals. The purpose of this newly established association is to bring together the professionals of this unique trade, to transmit knowledge and know-how, from the old to the new generation and, in short, to create a platform where tailors can present themselves to the European consumers. For these reasons, I have agreed to become the founding President of Masterpiece Europe, the European Association of Traditional Tailoring Professionals.”

Stronger by working together

The vision behind Masterpiece Europe is to create networking and business development opportunities for the traditional tailoring professionals and benefit the entire tailoring trade.


Full members

The core membership of Masterpiece Europe are the professionals and entrepreneurs who run their business in the European Economic area and have the skills to:

  • make a suit, dress, garment or a clothing accessory, which
  • is sold as a single piece, and
  • is customised individually to the requirements and measurements of the person who will wear it.
suit made by a tailor in progress

Professional Tailor, Ghent – Belgium

Aravinda Rodenburg

“The need of art and craft is high in the globalised world. Tailoring is one of them and it will continue to play an important role in the future. No robot can invent a way of making a new fabric, so craftsmanship is the foundation for the new technology. It is very important to join our knowledge and forces in this fast-changing world so that the tailoring profession has a chance to become part of the new ‘sharing’ economy and other economic models of the future.”

Associate membership and partnership

Other member categories

To support networking and collaboration between traditional tailoring professionals and related fields, Masterpiece Europe offers a range of additional associate membership and partnership opportunities for:

  • professionals
  • companies and entrepreneurs
  • educational institutions
  • non-profit organisations.

Secretary-General, Masterpiece Europe

Benjamin Hegermann

“The project of Masterpiece Europe is a natural result of the long talks and exchanges with tailors across Europe, combined with the feeling that this heritage of amazing knowledge, skills and culture is important and has to be preserved. I believe in quality and in the opportunities of handcraft, so when I got offered the possibility to transform this idea into something real, I could not resist.”

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