About us

Masterpiece Europe


Masterpiece Europe is a non-profit, membership organisation that connects, supports and represents the traditional tailoring professionals from across the European Economic Area.

The traditional tailoring professionals currently face a number of difficulties resulting from globalisation, rapid technological changes, digitalisation, shortage of skilled workers, the need to compete with large companies and industries, and linked to the unique character of this premium trade.
It has become a challenge to keep traditional tailoring appreciated and recognised, and to attract young people to undertake professional training in this area.
The main goal of Masterpiece Europe is to fight for the preservation of the traditional tailoring skills heritage by:

  1. offering business, professional development and networking opportunities to the individual tailoring professionals
  2. strengthening the development and growth of the traditional tailoring trade as a whole
  3. influencing legislation and policies, to benefit the trade
  4. raising public awareness on the value of the traditional tailoring trade

Our members are craftsmen and craftswomen who poses the unique skills to create a piece of garment or an accessory, in-house, from scratch, as a single piece, and individually customised to the needs, wishes and measurements of the person who will wear it.

This includes traditional tailors and similar professionals such as haute couture and dressmakers, hatters, glovers, theatre costume creators and so on. They live and run their businesses on the territory of the European Economic Area.

We work closely with our members to establish which kind of actions best meet their needs. Those who join become co-creators of the Association and participate in shaping its objectives.
Our main activities include:

  • creating networking, business, educational and professional development opportunities for the traditional tailoring professionals;
  • providing information on available services and financing opportunities;
  • facilitating access to the EU’s cross-border programmes such as apprenticeship and young entrepreneur schemes;
  • supporting tailoring professionals with introducing innovative and digital solutions into their businesses;
  • investigating challenges within the trade, developing policy solutions and establishing relationships with policy makers to institute them;
  • creating public outreach campaigns on the value and uniqueness of the goods produced by the traditional tailoring professionals.

Masterpiece Europe also offers a variety of membership options for individual professionals and businesses related to the tailoring trade, and various organisations and educational institutions. We believe that working together can bring mutual benefits. You can read more on our membership categories here.

How is Masterpiece Europe governed?

The main governing body of Masterpiece Europe is the General Assembly. It comprises of all Full Members. They are the main decision makers of the Association. Each Full Member has the power of one vote.

The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors to oversee and manage the Association for two years.

The Board of Directors comprises of at least three members: the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Board of Directors may comprise of up to five members, with the additional positions being Vice-President and Adviser.

The members of the Board are elected from among the Full Members, with the exception of an Adviser, who can be elected from among all members of the Association or as an external expert.

No more than two members of the Board can be resident / registered in one country of the European Economic Area.

The Board of Directors appoints the Secretary General who is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Association.

For more details read our statutes.