Masterpiece Europe

Masterpiece Europe, the European Association of Traditional Tailoring Professionals, offers a range of membership categories:

Full members

are traditional tailoring professionals. They are physical persons or entrepreneurs who have the skills to:

  • make a suit, a dress or another kind of a garment or an accessory from scratch, which
  • is sold as a single piece, and
  • is customised individually to the needs, requirements and measurements of the person who will wear it.
Our additional membership categories allow us to work together with various individuals, enterprises and organisations active in the fields related to traditional tailoring:

Associate members

are professionals (physical persons) active in the traditional tailoring or related fields, who do not fulfil the criteria to become a full member.

Business partners

are companies or enterprises active in the traditional tailoring trade or related fields, who do not fulfil the criteria to become a full member.

Institutional partners

are non-profit organisations or educational institutions active in traditional tailoring or related fields.
All members apply to and are approved by the association’s Board of Directors.
All members and partners must:

  • be of age,
  • be resident of or have a registered office on the territory of the European Economic Area,
  • support the aims and goals of the Association.

Honorary members

are persons, enterprises or organisations who:

  • have rendered outstanding services to the Association or the objectives it pursues
  • wish to assist the Association and would thus be called upon to be a member of its working bodies, but they do not fulfill the criteria to become a member or partner of the Association.
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